High-End Marble Flooring & Natural Stone Restoration & Polishing Servicing New York and the Tri-State Area

Add some sparkle with marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and natural stone flooring polishing service by High Definition Marble Restoration, Inc. located in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. We have the experience and the skills to restore the original look to your high-end natural stone floors in no time.

Person Waxing the Floors - Flooring Polishing

Beautifying High-End Floors

There’s beauty underfoot when our highly effective natural stone polishing and restoration services visit your space to bring your tile and high-end flooring back to life. We have successfully completed more than 5,000 projects to the complete satisfaction of our clients, and we want to help you unlock your floor’s original luster. Our experience with elite clientele reflects our area of specialty, and we provide a full range of flooring services, including:

• Total Repair
• Chip Repair
• Grout Removal & Replacement

• Scratch Removal
• Polish to High Luster & Customer Specifications (Matte, Hone, Satin)

The Personal Touch

Your goals and desires are our guideposts, and during our free on-site consultation, we’ll discuss your preferences, the condition of your marble, our restoration strategy, and how to meet your expectations for budgeting, scheduling, and quality. Our work contract is our bond, and once we schedule and implement services, you’ll see the potential of your floors magically realized.

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